Speco Technologies OS102


Dual-Codec H.264 & MJPEG, Multi-Profile Streaming, Small form Factor, Ultra Compact Design, ONVIF support

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The Speco Technologies OS102 is a video server that offers multiple-video streaming options. You can choose different frame rates, resolutions, etc. for the desired quality in footage. Also, it provides desired power supply for the surveillance cameras. It is designed for the cameras operating at 12V DC. It comes with necessary cables and connectors that are required to make connections between the components.

The Camera Surveillance Niche Just Got Better!

This video server transforms your CCTV camera into an IP surveillance camera, hence better functionality. Moreover, it is made in an ultra-compact design for convenient installation. It features a streamlined, rectangular box that is provided with ports and indicators optimizing the space on its surface. Configured with Digital PTZ and provisioning video crop feature, this server has got it all to tackle the challenges in surveillance applications. The Built-in standard PoE enables transmission of data and electrical power over the same Ethernet cable. This is done to optimize the hardware.

Maximized, Surveillance Features!

This single-channel video server enables two-way communication, which is a rare yet desirable feature in surveillance applications. It comes with a memory card slot whereby you can expand the storage capacity of this video server. It ably enhances the quality of the picture, thereby giving you the best experience with surveillance system. This device comes with ONVIF support that makes the interfacing easier and accurate. You will be provided with the assistance in textual form regarding interfacing and other types of connections, at every stage. This video server is accompanied by 2-year manufacturer warranty.



OS102 Dual-Codec H.264 & MJPEG 1 CH Video Server Features:


  • Dual-codec (H.264 & MJPEG)
  • Multi-profile streaming
  • Small form factor
  • Ultra compact design
  • ONVIF support


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