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PoE (power over Ethernet) cameras use power by plugging into Ethernet ports to draw electricity and connect to the internet. Because of this, they are easier to install, especially for security cameras. They only use one cable for power and the internet, making them very convenient. There are many benefits of PoE Security Cameras.


PoE technology gets rid of the need to install AC power outlets for routers or devices, such as IP cameras. Even if you have to connect multiple cameras, you will only need one source of power. In the long run, this reduces the amount of required cabling. These installations can be accomplished faster, easier, and for a lower cost. Because the installation is less complicated, it can save many businesses money.


Now that you don’t need a separate AC power outlet, you can enjoy the flexibility of putting your compatible cameras in optimal locations instead of just where the power sources are. This results in more efficient surveillance cameras and better performance. You can place your cameras on ceilings, high walls, or even outdoors easily.


If you are in the market to move, add, change, or temporarily deploy security cameras, this technology makes it fast and straightforward. Companies will no longer be impacted by delays when going through upgrades and network modifications. PoE systems make it more accommodating and flexible to fix network requirements and install more cameras.

Power Management

If there’s a power outage, most cameras become inoperable unless they are protected by a UPS with a battery backup. Having multi-networked devices requires multiple UPS devices, though. If you have a PoE, you don’t have to rely on multiple UPS. With the smooth management of a PoE enabled LAN, you can easily manage all of your cameras remotely. This saves time and stops you from having to dispatch a technician.

PoE Benefits

There are many benefits of PoE security cameras. PoE systems have a higher resolution, remote access, ease of upgrade, and comprehensive analytics. Typical analog cameras offer 0.4MP, but IP cameras offer 2MP, 4MP, 8MP, and 10MP. You can view real-time surveillance footage from the cameras on PCs or mobile apps. This gives company owners the flexibility to monitor operations, ensure everything is secure, and check on employees. PoE systems are also easy to upgrade or scale. Installation is simple, and companies can deploy changes with little to no delays and for a low cost. The camera systems now come with intelligent features like video analysis to recognize faces, license plates, and motion detect.

Wrap Up

If you are looking to upgrade or install a surveillance security system, log on or give us a call at (877)-926-2288 today! We have a great team of highly experienced salesmen, installers, and technicians that would love to help you out. Also, we can walk you through the process start to finish and help you select the best cameras for you and survey your property to decide on the most optimal locations.

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