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All BNC connectors are the same. BNC is an abbreviation for Bayonet Neill–Concelman is also known as British naval connector. The connectors have two bayonet lugs that lock on a female BNC connector after a full turn, securing the connection. Male BNC Connectors have a middle core that inserts in the core of the female BNC connector terminating the connection. The video signal is transmitted via the coaxial cable core from one side to the other side of the wire. BNC connectors are attached to RG59 wire either by twisting, crimping or compressing it on the wire.

BNC connectors are typically used with RG59 or RG6 cable. BNC Connectors are the only connections used for analog CCTV security camera systems. They connect DVRs and Cameras. On the back of security cameras and DVRs are female BNC connectors. Also on the back of CCTV monitors, you will find female BNC connectors. Regular TV monitors have analog video inputs which are called RCAs. A BNC to RCA adaptor can be used to terminate the connection at the back of a regular TV.

Watec BNC-RCA BNC-to-RCA Adapter BNC-RCA B&H Photo Video
BNC to RCA Connector

BNC Connector Crimp-On Type

BNC Connectors the crimp on the wire come in 2 or 3 pieces. BNC crimp-ons were the first type of BNC connectors to be made. First, the round metal piece which will be crimped on the cable will be inserted narrow side in first. After that the copper core of the coaxial cable is inserted inside the hole of the BNC crimp-on after the white insulation around the copper core wire has been removed and the coaxial shield has been wrapped around the cable. The round metal sleeve is pulled to the back of the crimp on the connector and crimped on the cable using a crimping tool.

BNC-CRIMP 2 Piece BNC Crimp On Connector - Ellipse Security, Inc.
BNC Crimp-On Connector
Wen&Cheng Ratcheting Crimping Tool BNC Crimper Ratcher Hex for ...
BNC Crimping Tool

BNC Connector Twist-on Type

BNC Twist are the most popular seller since they do not require any tool to crimp them on. BNC Twist-on connectors are twisted on the coaxial cable after the copper core is inserted inside the BNC connector. They are very easy to install. Not all BNC connectors sold in the market are good. The length of the BNC connector barrel is important. If the barrel is short the BNC connectors become loose as they do not thread enough on the wire. BNC twist-on connectors must have a minimum length to be able to connect properly. The advantage of BNC twist-on connector compared to others they are re-usable. They can be removed and reconnected on the coaxial cable. 5 Star Cable BNC Twist-On Male CCTV RG59 Coaxial ...
BNC Twist-on Connector

BNC Connectors Compression Type

CCTV Security camera installers use BNC compression connectors on their wires. BNC compression connectors are the best to make sure the connector is never loose. Once BNC compression connectors are compressed on the coaxial wire they cannot be removed. If they were not compressed right the connector is wasted and the wire has to be cut. That is why they are not recommended to be used by end-users and only installers should use compression type BNC connectors. BNC compression connectors require a compression tool to compress the connector on the wire.

RG59 BNC PermaSeal-I Connectors at Cables N More
BNC Compression Connector

BNC Connector Types Summary

The 3 popular BNC connectors are Twist-on, Crimp-on, or compression. Which connector to use will depend on your experience. For security camera installers we recommend for them to use compression or crimp-on type. For end-users that do not want to spend money on buying the right tools and spending quite a bit of timing learning on terminating compression or crimping connectors its highly recommended to use BNC twist on connectors. BNC-Twist connectors are effective and are guaranteed to work right if the quality is right.

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