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Feedback is important for many things in life and product reviews can help businesses immensely. Reviews help to build a business’s credibility by showing that they provide what they promise. Reviews also give you a chance to share your experience with both the business and other possible customers. This can be beneficial for all involved, as most customers prefer purchasing products with reviews available. This is even more important for CCTV businesses because you can’t ‘see’ if a product is good, you have to use the product to determine its quality.

Helps Store:

Reviews help businesses improve because it allows for them to hear what they may be doing wrong and attempt to correct it. Unfortunately, if there was an issue with your purchase, the manufacture cannot improve without your feedback and other customers will find this information valuable. It doesn’t all have to be negative of course, positive reviews tell businesses what they’re doing right and lets them know they are pleasing customers. Customer generated content helps improve product descriptions by providing unbiased information from a third party source.

Helps Fellow Buyers:

Reviews also help your fellow buyers shop with confidence by letting them know what other customers’ experienced. Most buyers prefer to purchase products that have previous reviews written about them. This lets them know two things, that others have actually purchased the product before and if they were satisfied with their purchase. This is especially important in the CCTV business because they require you to actually purchase the product and use it to know whether it is quality or not.   

Promotes Business:

Reviews also give the store that helped you more traffic and expand their business. Reviews help provide Google with more content from the website which allows it to get a higher ranking. This allows for more potential customers to be directed to their site, growing their business. This will ultimately help customers too by helping them find quality products that will suit their needs.

How to Help:

After you have purchased and received your product, please:

  1. Give us your overall rating (out of five stars).
  2. Tell us what product or products you purchased and are reviewing.
  3. Tell us what you thought about the products, this can include construction, functionality and anything else you consider relevant. Also mention your experience with services received and support provided by our staff. 
  4. Take a picture of the product for the review for others to compare to provided product images and further provide credibility to your review.     

Wrap Up:

Regardless of whether you had a positive or negative experience, it is important to leave reviews for businesses and other customers to help improve the retail process. This helps CCTV manufactures, like 2M Technology, immensely because in this business, you cannot tell whether a product is quality or reliable until after you have real world experience using it, testing its function. If have purchased or plan on purchasing a product from 2M Technology, or any company in general, please take the time to leave a review of your experience; it could help out both the company and future customers! If you would like to leave feedback for 2M Technology you can do so via directly on the product page, our FAQ section or on our relevant blog posts.

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