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Once you have decided to purchase a home security system the next question is how many cameras do you need and where is the best place to put them. Below are a couple of recommendations on location to make the investment effective and useful should something happen at home and you need to access the recordings for reference.

Security camera systems are meant to help deter criminals, give peace of mind to home occupants and capture events whether they are routine or out of the ordinary. The DVR recorder is a vital piece of this setup because it is where the images are recorded and stored until you are ready to erase or move to a different location. Make sure that the camera system you order from a reliable online vendor includes this and is able to work compatibly with the number of cameras included.

When deciding how to set up the home system the first step is to walk through and see where the vulnerable points are starting with doors and exterior locations. The front and back door are a definite must as these are primary entry points even for burglars and then you should have a camera located near or around the garage area to capture entry and exit through this. If you have additional patio doors then place a camera above these as well but otherwise move to the interior of the home. You want to maintain privacy so covering the main living areas should be sufficient such as the living room, kitchen and foyer which will give you a two-sided view of the front door. If you feel that more coverage is needed then you can order additional cameras and install them so that you have peace of mind that there are no unnecessary ‘gaps’ in footage.

Home security installation is about giving you a sense of peace and security in your own home so take advantage of online specials from reputable dealers and have the security DVR recorder setup in a convenient location for monitoring and access. You will also want to review the camera specifications to determine if they are single focus only, pan-to-zoom or a different functionality that may limit the number of equipment hardware that you actually need to order.

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