Top 10 Security Priorities for 2012 3

Lists are everywhere: Grocery lists, mailing lists, to-do lists, home projects list, bucket lists, you name it.  There is a list for everything.  Almost.

I have never seen a list of security priorities, so maybe, it is time to make one.

As you look at the year ahead in 2012, how much time have you given to understanding your exposure to risks?  Do you feel comfortable with the preparations you have made to protect your life and property?  Or, do you feel more threatened every day by violence and increasing problems with property crime in the neighborhood where you live?

Give some thought to your own situation, but here is a list of ten items that may belong on your list for this year:

  1. Do I have enough lighting, indoors and outdoors, to ward off intruders at night?  Do I have some of these lights set on timers or electronic eyes that will cause the lights to come on automatically?
  2. Are all my doors secure when they are locked?  Do they shut properly?  Do the locks work?
  3. Are my windows protected with audible alarms if they are broken or raised when I am not at home?
  4. Is my garage door functioning properly, and is the lock being used?
  5. Do I have lighting on the sides of my home, and in the back yard, that is activated by timers or motion detection?
  6. Do I have an intercom system that I can use to check who is at my door, preferably one with an embedded video camera?
  7. Do I have a burglar alarm system, and has it been tested in the past year?  Is the monitoring station responsive to an alarm?  Have the emergency contact numbers been updated so you can be contacted by the monitoring company quickly if there is an intrusion?
  8. Do I have a fire detection system, and has it been tested in the past year, as recommended?
  9. Can I view activities at my home remotely?  Can I keep an eye on my property while I am away by using security cameras with remote access?
  10. Have I had a security consultant evaluate my physical security risks and advise me on how to improve the security of my home or business?

Many people look at security with their fingers crossed.  They believe they have been okay so far, so why worry?

A complete security system may be implemented one step at a time as a part of a total improvement project.  The important thing is to get started, and to keep what you have in good working order.


  1. Good advice Todd. I think that I probably have about half of things on your list crossed off, but obviously need to spend some more thought on improving my home security! Out of interest, do you know if there are statistical differences in what is safer – a house or an apartment?

    Kath Wright
  2. Kath, I have not researched that particular question, but it is food for thought. There are, of course, a lot of variables that would have to be considered. For instance, does the apartment building have a perimeter security system, an on-site security guard, etc.? Thanks for reading and contributing to the discussion.

  3. Thanks Todd for the great advice. It is very helpful.

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