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When comparing different types of surveillance cameras, one common type of camera is the turret camera. Although they are sometimes confused with dome cameras because of their appearance, they are both very different from each other. In this article, we will cover all of their differences and similarities so you can decide which one would suit your purpose.


Turret cameras can also be referred to as eyeball cameras because the lens is placed in a socket and can swivel around like an eye. Although they look similar to dome cameras and are about the same size, the face of the camera is flat instead of curved. Since dome cameras have a curved encasing, light can bounce off and affect image clarity.


Since dome cameras have an outer shell, adjusting the lens inside can be a hassle. The process would require you to take down the camera, take off the enclosure, adjust the camera inside, assemble the device back together, and remount it. Turret cameras don’t have a protective shell so you can easily reach up and position the camera to point anywhere you want.


Both cameras are regarded to be vandal-proof because they are harder to grab. However, since turret cameras don’t have a protective casing, they are more susceptible to people tampering with the position and angle. In addition, these cameras are not able to sustain a high level of damage like dome cameras.

Night Vision

Turret cameras are usually equipped with infrared (IR) and EXIR night vision. EXIR is better than IR because the illumination is more efficient and the distance it covers is longer. Dome cameras that use only IR can still function in darkness, but the night vision range is shorter. Not only that, the light emitted from IR can reflect off of the glass dome and negatively affect night vision footage.


Since dome cameras have a limited night vision range, they’re typically used indoors because they are not able to record large areas. In addition, the protective casing makes them susceptible to issues of glare from IR. Turret cameras are usually used outdoors because their range is longer and they don’t have the dome that attracts glare.

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Wrap Up

Although these two cameras have a similar size and are both meant to be mounted on ceilings, it’s important to think about their differences when choosing a security camera. When deciding between these two, you should definitely determine where you want to install cameras and what functions you need.

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