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CCTV systems are designed to last years, but advances in technology happen every day. If you don’t keep up with technology, then your system can quickly become outdated and obsolete. There are only two ways to stay updated with CCTV technology: you can either invest more money into a new system or update your current CCTV system’s firmware.

Firmware vs. Hardware vs. Software

Before we get into the important of firmware updates, let’s go over the difference between hardware, firmware, and software. Establishing their distinction will make understanding firmware updates easier. Hardware is the easiest concept to grasp when it comes to the three “wares”. This is what you can see and touch; it is the electronic device itself and the physical components that make up an electronic device. For example, a computer would be the hardware and the physical items in the computer (motherboard, processor, etc.) would also be counted as the hardware.

Software is not a physical thing, rather it is immaterial information. Taking a computer as an example again, the software would be the operating system (like Windows 10, IOS), the web browsers, downloaded apps, etc. It is a set of programs and data that allow your device to perform specific tasks and is meant for the user to interact with, meaning that you can view and change the software.

Like software, firmware is not a physical item. Firmware is kind of like a middle ground between hardware and software. Firmware is essentially software that is specifically designed for the hardware. It’s not made for interaction with the user, rather its purpose is to enable the hardware to run properly. Since it’s not meant for interaction, firmware is rarely changed and is only done by the manufacturer.

The Importance of CCTV Firmware Updates

Firmware is responsible for carrying out the functions of the hardware. Without firmware, your device will cease to work. CCTV firmware updates are necessary to ensure that your system stays working and doesn’t become obsolete. Here are a few other reasons why CCTV firmware updates are so important:

  • Allows the manufacturer to fix any detected bugs or other issues
  • Brings additional features and functionalities to the hardware without the user having to buy a new system
  • Patches up any discovered security vulnerabilities
  • Enhances user experience and usability
  • Optimizes the performance of the device
  • Provides improved security and mitigates risk

While CCTV firmware updates are infrequent, you should make a habit of checking for firmware updates every so often to ensure the full functionalities of your system. In order to be informed of updates, you can check the manufacturer’s website regularly or register with them to be alerted.

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