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How much optical zoom do your security cameras require to function to the level you need? This is an important question to answer when deciding on which camera to purchase. Security camera systems with optical zoom use their lens zoom to focus on critical details further away and also maintain focus as their focal length changes.

What is Optical Zoom?

Optical zoom is accomplished through the adjustment of the camera optics. The optical zoom adjusts through moving or rotating different lenses inside the security camera. Cameras come in X3, X4, X5, or higher optical zoom. That number is the amount of magnification the camera lens is capable of performing. The higher the magnification, the further the camera can capture images in detail.

Types of Optical Zoom

Manual optical zoom is when the cameras have to be adjusted manually to attain the desired zoom level and viewing angle. You set this up before you start recording. To adjust the camera zoom, you will need to remove the camera housing and adjust the varifocal lens inside the camera. This is impractical if the camera is installed on a high wall or ceiling and is a reason this option not often supplied.

Another option is IP security cameras with motorized zoom. To zoom in on these cameras, you use a PC software or mobile app. Since the lens is motorized, it maintains focus when the focal length changes.

The last option is security cameras with pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ), which is the best option for zooming on security cameras. These cameras have all-around surveillance and protection for companies with zooming capabilities at different angles. PTZ cameras offer a 90-degree tilt, 360 pan, and high optical zoom. This means you can pan the camera around your property while viewing it in detail.

Wrap Up

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