Uniview NSW5110-24GT4GP-IN Ethernet 24 Port Aggregation Switch


Key Features:

  • Support RJ45 Auto-MDI/MDIX;
  • Flow Control for Full Duplex operation and back pressure for Half Duplex Operation;
  • Support Energy-Efficient Ethernet (EEE) function (IEEE802.3az);
  • Supports a complete lineup of L2 features, including 802.1Q tag VLAN, Port Mirroring, STP/RSTP/MSTP, Link Aggregation Control Protocol and 802.3x Flow Control function;
  • Web, CLI (Console Port, Telnet, SSH), SNMP and RMON bring abundant management policies;


$ 859.00 $ 1,069.00


Model NSW5110-24GT4GP-IN
Ports 24×1000Mbps ports (RJ45)+2×1000Mbps Fiber(SFP) ports+2G Combo ports
Standards IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u, IEEE802.3z,IEEE802.3ab, IEEE802.3x
Switching capacity 56Gbps
Forwarding performance 41.66Mpps
Packet Buffer 4Mbit
Dimensions (W×D×H) 440*208*44mm
Weight 3.6<kg
Power supply AC: 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) >50000 hours
Ambient temperature 0°C-45°C (32°F-113°F)
Operating humidity 10%~90% (noncondensing)
Storage humidity 5%~90% (noncondensing)
Indicatorlight PWR:
Death: switch does not power on
Permanent: the switch is powered on
Death: not connected to the network equipment
Green light: connected to 1000Mbps devices
Blinking:connected devices are data transmission
Blinking: the system works
Out: the system is starting or has nopower


Software Specification

Ethernet support Frame format:Ethernet II
support Gigabit SFP 100 Gigabit compatible
support flow control
support Line order(MDIX/MDI)
support link aggregation
support Jumbo Frame length 9K
support Port rate adjustment
100Mfull、half  1000Mfull
support Port information statistics
support Port Description
IEEE802.1d STP support IEEE802.1d STP
IEEE802.1w RSTP support IEEE802.1w RSTP
MSTP support standard 802.1s MSTP
support64 MSTP instance
STP Optional Features support PORT FAST
support BPDU GUARD
support hello-time
support Max Age
support Forward Delay
support Max hops
support TC ignore
support TC GUARD
mstp Port Optional Features support PORT FAST
support BPDU GUARD
support TC GUARD
support TC filter
support Auto Edge
support Compatibility mode
support ROOT GUARD
support point to point
AP support Flow-Balance Method
dst-ip Destination IP address
dst-mac Destination MAC address
src-dst-ip Source and destination IP address
src-dst-mac Source and destination MAC address
src-ip Source IP address
src-mac Source MAC address
support Maximum number of Aps
support AP member port that is included in each AP.
storm control support broadcast storm control
support multicast storm control
support unicast storm control
support Control granularity (percentage and kbps are values for 64-byte datagram) 64kbps
mirroring support Many-to-one mirror
support Stream-based mirroring
support Number of mirror groups4 SESSION
VLAN support Whether to allow VLAN 1 to be deleted on the trunk port
support Port based VLAN
support GVRP
support The number of VLANs that can support be created 4094
support mac-vlan
support subnet-vlan
support protocol vlan
supportvlan maps
support Allow specified VLAN ID range 1-4094
MAC address support global MAC address qualities 8K
support static MAC address qualities 1024
support filtering MAC address qualities 1024
support Check and delete address table
support Static address and dynamic learning address
support filtering address
LLDP support LLDP
ONVIF support ONVIF Detect
support ONVIF Server
IGMP Snooping support IGMP SNOOPING Groups qualities
support IGMP V1,V2 snooping
support source IP check
support Multicast policy and filtering
support IGMP Fast Leave
Port limit support Egress speed limit granularity
support Ingress speed limit
support Egress speed limit
ARP support Anti-ARP gateway spoofing
support filtering IP Port
support Free ARP protection
support Source MAC check
support ARP detection
supportip and mac Static binding
supportarp trust Port
Network Tool support Ping
ACE capacities support The input direction is associated with the physical port
ACL support IP standard ACL
support IP extended ACL
support MAC extended ACL
support professional ACL
support global ACL
support time-range ACL
QoS support QOS hardware queues qualities
support Determine the exit queue according to 802.1p, DSCP, port
support Stream-based 802.1p re-marking
support Stream-based queue maps
support SP
support WRR
support RR
support WFQ
Port Security support Mac filtering time
support Whitelist data
support clear mac address table
support Mac address binding
support Max mac qualities settings
support Blacklist data
support Violation mode
Port isolate
DAI support software DAI entry qualities
SNMP Supporting version(SNMPV1,V2c,V3)
Web management support Web management
support HTTP V1.1
support HTTPS
RMON support RMON(1,2,3,9)
system upgrade support System upgrade or page upgrade via tftp
save Configuration support save Configuration
Configuration management support Import, export, backup configuration, restore factory configuration
Syslog/Debug support Syslog/Debug
Security function
Basic characteristics support login authentication(password, none)
Password security support Static password encryption transmission, storage
support Strong password and password minimum length check
Radius support Radius
support Specify multiple groups of servers ip
Tacacs+ support TACACS+
support Specify multiple groups of servers ip
ssh support SSHv2.0
Anti-dos attack support Interrupting Land attack packets and illegal TCP packets
dot1x support 802.1X
support port base
support mac base
support MAB
support Multiple account switching
Defense gateway ARP spoofing support Defense gateway ARP spoofing
CPP support hardware CPP
ARP Check support IP+MAC data binding using DHCP SNOOPING
support Leverage 1X IP+MAC data binding
support leverage IP+MAC data binding of IP SOURCE GUARD
support Trusted ARP
Web management support HTTP Access
DHCP Relay support Allow configuration of the number of servers
DHCP snooping support Option82
Supportrust Port Configuration
SupportIP、MAC binding table(ip source guard)
SupportBind to logical ports (including physical interfaces)
SupportSoftware binding database capacity
Supportbind to VLAN
DHCP server Support binding table Configuration
Support Address pool configuration
Telnet Support Telnet
Support Maximum number of connections
TFTP Support TFTP Client
FTP Support FTP Server
Support FTP Client
ERPS Support Delete ERPS Loop
SupportErps Loop Configuration
SupportErps time Configuration
static and dynamic lacp link aggregation SupportLacp Configuration
Support Load-Balance Method
dst-ip Destination IP address
dst-mac Destination MAC address
src-dst-ip Source and destination IP address
src-dst-mac Source and destination MAC address
src-ip Source IP address
src-mac Source MAC address
Support link aggregation groups qualities
Support max link aggregation qualities of each link aggregation group
Support link aggregation port configuration

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