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Comprehensive security is always the main objective of quality surveillance systems but how to achieve this depends primarily on the location and desired focus. For example, many places have multiple entrances and each needs to be ‘covered’ by a camera but does it need to be a stationery, traditional product or one that has more viewing range capabilities.

Business and home owners do well to research all their options before making any purchases regarding surveillance security systems from reliable vendors. It is important to fully understand the ability, connectivity, range and operation of each piece of hardware so that you know how the system works together overall.

One of the best products to invest in when you need a range of coverage is the pan tilt zoom cameras or PTZ as it is commonly called. This camera does not just focus on a single point but actually moves its viewing range in order to follow specific movement and even pull the image in closer for greater detail. The user can control or set up as needed based on the individual product’s specifications which are clearly labeled on the website.

One of these can replace multiple stationery cameras but again, it is helpful to speak with the experts about your location and see what they recommend. They have the professional knowledge about the equipment and know exactly what questions to ask the client in order to get them setup with the right surveillance system that will work for them.

Pan tilt zoom cameras are a little more expensive than the traditional items but are well worth the cost if you don’t have to buy as many and still get the same great coverage. Each model may have slightly different features so be sure to review the various items in inventory to see what will deliver the clearest and best images to the DVR and TV screen. The representatives can help to put together an entire package for you so that all the hardware, software and accessories come in a single order and can be installed according to the included step by step directions.

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