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Having a video surveillance system is extremely useful for businesses to have in order to prevent theft or other crimes. However, installing and managing security cameras can be difficult, even with with availability of remote surveillance. Especially for business owners with multiple locations, a better way of video surveillance is necessary. One alternative for businesses would be to use a cloud for cloud-based video surveillance.

What is Cloud-Based Video Surveillance?

A cloud server is a virtual server on the internet. It is essentially an online data storage that can be accessed remotely via the internet. Many people already use a cloud whether they know it or not. For example, Apple has their own cloud, called iCloud. Many Apple users use iCloud in order to back up their files and make extra storage room on their Apple devices. Google Drive is another cloud-based storage solution that people use to always have access to their files from anywhere.

Cloud-based video surveillance basically means using a cloud server to access security cameras. With traditional video surveillance, all of the video recordings from security cameras are stored on a physical video recorder, like an NVR or DVR. With cloud-based video surveillance, all of the recordings from security cameras will be sent to the online cloud server. This means that there will be no need for physical video recorders. All the user will need to do is connect the security cameras to the cloud and all of the management can be done on the online platform.

Business Benefits of Cloud-Based Video Surveillance

But why would someone want to use a cloud for video surveillance? For businesses with multiple locations, a cloud could be the best option to access and manage their security cameras easily.

Flexible Storage

One of the issues with using physical video recorders is that they only have a limited amount of storage space. If the video recorder hits their maximum storage, it will stop storing the recordings. If this happens, the user will have to overwrite their past recordings or replace the hard drive inside. Businesses cannot afford to stop recording or lose their recordings because they may need to playback footage to investigate incidents. Using a cloud server offers more flexibility with storage because everything is uploaded onto the internet. Since everything is online, there is unlimited storage space available and businesses can increase their storage options by just paying a little more each month to their cloud provider.

Easy Scalability

Using cloud-based video surveillance allows businesses to easily expand their surveillance systems. With traditional surveillance systems, the security cameras all need to be connected to an on-site video recorder. These recorders have a limited amount of storage as explained previously, and can only handle a certain amount of connected cameras. With a cloud, cameras can be easily connected to the online server. There’s no maximum storage or maximum capacity so businesses can easily add on cameras in multiple locations.

Remote Access

Another problem with traditional surveillance is that the video recordings can only be accessed through the on-site video recorder. This could be a hassle for businesses with multiple locations because they will have to go to that specific location to view and playback video footage. With a cloud, the security cameras can be viewed from any device with internet connection. This way, owners can get that peace of mind that they will know exactly what is happening at all of their locations.

Convenient Management

With a cloud, all of the connected cameras will be accessible on the online server. The cloud is a more convenient way of managing all of your security systems because everything is on one platform. This way, you won’t have to go to each individual site to manage the cameras or have to go through different websites to access the systems from different locations. In addition, all of the software updates are done automatically through the cloud so you won’t have to go on-site and manually update it yourself or hire someone to go to that location and do it for you.

Reliable Data Backup

Another benefit if using a cloud server is that their data backup is more reliable. Traditional surveillance relies on a physical video recorder for storage so whatever happens to that device also affects the recordings. For example, if a DVR is stolen or damaged, all of the recordings that was stored on that DVR will be lost and can’t be recovered. But with a cloud, all of the recordings are uploaded online so the footage will still be on that server even if the cameras are disabled or damaged.

Wrap Up

Using a cloud for video surveillance can have many benefits for business owners with a lot of different locations. A cloud allows businesses to expand their operations without the hassle of dealing with multiple surveillance systems. A cloud gives business owners that peace of mind from anywhere they are.

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