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Veilux V-Thermal-IP25 Thermal Imaging IP Camera


Veilux V-THERMAL-SERIES Thermal Imaging IP Camera | 2MCCTV

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V-thermal series imaging camera. Veilux Thermal imaging cameras are made in the field of high-tech thermal imaging results. Using the latest uncooled infrared focal plane sensor and self-developed image processing algorithms, with a new generation of high thermal infrared transmittance of the lens, without the need any light source, by detecting the infrared radiation (or heat), in all weather conditions even dark environments to obtain high definition images. Principle of thermal imaging technology. Any object as long as its temperature above absolute zero (-273.15°), although not light, infrared radiation, but can, also called infrared heat radiation. Objects of different temperatures in the infrared radiation is absorbed by the infrared detector, generating a temperature variation, resulting in electric effect, the electrical signal is amplified and then processed, the object is obtained with the surface of the heat distribution corresponding thermal image, that is, “ thermal imaging. “


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