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I always get questions about the durability of the vandal proof cameras that we carry and can they sustain a real life scenario of someone intentionally trying to break the security camera. The short answer is yes, the difference between a normal dome camera (vandalproof are unique to domes… see more differences between dome & bullet cameras) and a vandal proof camera is the exterior housing that the camera comes with it.

For example, in the below video we used  a 2MCCTV 2M-V70IR36L49 to test the durability of our vandal proof domes and, as you can see in the video, the casing is what protects the camera and what makes it vandal proof. We also sell a camera that looks identical to the 2M-V70IR36L49 but the casing is made out of plastic, hence the cheaper price. If a situation arises where someone vandalizes your camera that is NOT vandal proof, expect your camera to be in pieces….. and that’s why these surveillance cameras are called vandal proof, because of their ability to hold up to abuse.

You can surf the following categories to see some great vandal proof security cameras…

Vandal Proof Domes

Vandal Proof IP Domes

Vandal Proof Infrared IP Domes


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