Bosch VBC-4075-C21


Bosch VBC-4075-C21 dinion 1/3″ 960h electronic d/n, dwdr, ntsc lv, Digital Extended Dynamic Range

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CAT6- Pre-made cable


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Outdoor Housing & Mounts

Indoor Housing & Mounts

The Bosch VBC-4075-C21 DINION is an analog indoor day and night box camera that delivers sharp videos at any lighting conditions. Its ultra high resolution 960H 1/3 inch CCD sensor produces 720 TV Lines resolution videos in NTSC format. The electronic day and function makes the camera effective even very dull lighting conditions. With the backlight compensation and highlight compensation features, the camera gets adjusted to the available lighting conditions to produce best video output.

For achieving the best video quality, the Bosch VBC-4075-C21 box camera features Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) feature that drastically cuts off any noise present in the video and delivers crisp and sharp image. Privacy masking zones and video motion detection function can be configured easily through the on-screen menu. Videos are delivered through BNC connection. The Bosch VBC-4075-C21 DINION day and night box camera is powered by 12V DC and 24V AC power source. It comes in white finish.




  • Ultra high resolution 960H (1/3 ft.) sensor
  • Digital extended dynamic range
  • Digital noise reduction
  • Easy to install
  • True day/night version


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