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Veilux Inc. established in 2002, is a Dallas, Texas based security systems manufacturer. Veilux has been a major part of the innovation in the video security industry, has an outstanding record of customer service satisfaction, and a noticeable pattern of quality focus.
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  1. Veilux VCH-619

    Outdoor/Indoor Camera Housing, Nylon + Fiber Glass, IP-66 Rating, CE Certification, Cable-Thru Wall Mount

    Regular Price: $71.25

    Special Price $49.88

  2. Veilux VPS-12810

    8 Channel 12VDC Power Supply, 12 Volts, 10 Amps, 8 Output, Frequency 50/60Hz

    Regular Price: $87.50

    Special Price $61.25

  3. Veilux VPS-24910

    9 Channel 24VAC Central Power Supply, 24 Volt Power, 10 Amps, 9 Outputs

    Regular Price: $106.25

    Special Price $74.38

  4. VD-70MINI-IRV

    Veilux VD-70MINI-IRV

    • High Resolution 700 TV Lines
    • 0.001 Lux
    • 24 IR LEDs
    • E-WDR
    • EZoom
    • Motion Detection
    • Dual Voltage Optional

    Regular Price: $122.00

    Special Price $85.40

    As low as: $39.00
  5. Veilux VS-2HD-TVI Box Camera

    V-RECON SERIES VS-2HD-TVI 2.4 Megapixel TVI Box Camera

    Regular Price: $125.00

    Special Price $87.50

  6. Veilux VPS-121630

    16 Channel 12VDC Power Supply, 12V Output Power, 30Amps

    Regular Price: $125.00

    Special Price $87.50


    VEILUX VD-2HDIR30-TVI High Resolution IR indoor Dome Camera, 3.6 mm Fixed Lens, True Day & Night (ICR)

    Regular Price: $135.00

    Special Price $94.50

  8. Veilux VPS-241630

    16 Channel 24VAC Central Power Supply, 24 Volt, 30 Amp, 16 Output

    Regular Price: $140.00

    Special Price $98.00

  9. Veilux VV-2HDIR36V-TVI

    VEILUX VV-2HDIR36V-TVI HD IR vandal proof camera, 2.4 Megapixel TVI IR Bullet Camera, TVI 1080P 30fps ,2.8-12mm ,True Day & Night (ICR)

    Regular Price: $181.25

    Special Price $126.88

  10. Veilux VS-70 Box Camera

    The Veilux VS-70 is an indoor box camera with a resolution of over 760TVL. This camera features super wide dynamic range, as well as motion detection and digital image stabilization. The VS-70 accepts both C and CS mount lenses.

    Regular Price: $200.00

    Special Price $140.00

  11. Veilux SVEX-M1

    Housing Bracket, Indoor & Outdoor Use, Stainless Steel Material, Work with Veilux housings

    Regular Price: $217.50

    Special Price $152.25

  12. Veilux VV-70IR36V

    Veilux VV-70IR36V

    Veilux vandal proof water resistant IP68 Analog security Camera

    Regular Price: $218.75

    Special Price $153.13

  13. Veilux VSIP-2

    Megapixel Day & Night Network IP Camera, 2.0 Megapixel Resolution, Dual Codec H.264/MJPEG, Multi-Profile Strreaming, Built-in Standard PoE

    Regular Price: $256.25

    Special Price $179.38

  14. SVK-64

    Veilux SVK-64

    3-Axis Joystick Keyboard Controller
    • Controller for the remote control of CCTV Devices: Power
    • Pan/Tilt/ Zoom Lens
    • Controls up to maximum 255 CCTV receivers
    • Preset control: 64 Positions memory set for each camera
    • Can be connected with up to 8 sub-keyboards

    Regular Price: $400.00

    Special Price $245.99

  15. Veilux VVIP-2V

    Full HD IP Vandal Proof IR Dome Camera, 2.0 Megapixel Resolution, H.264/MJPEG Compression, Multi Profile Streaming, Weather Proof IP66

    Regular Price: $375.00

    Special Price $262.50

  16. VEILUX VR-4960H-A

    VEILUX VR-4960H-A H.264 compression with real-time recording, supports up to 4 cameras

    Regular Price: $378.13

    Special Price $264.69


    H.264 Compatible Network Video Recorder ,4 Channel Recording full HD 1080p Real-time, 4 PoE Ports Each, Dual Display Output with both HDMI & VGA

    Regular Price: $400.00

    Special Price $280.00

  18. Veilux SVEX-JXD

    Explosionproof Junction Box,Stainless Steel Material 4 Cable Outlets, IP68, Small Size & Easy Installation & Maintenance

    Regular Price: $400.00

    Special Price $280.00

  19. Veilux VSIP-5

    5 Mega Pixel CMOS, 2592x1920 pixels, Hi-Profile H-264 Streaming, Audio compression: G723.1/6.3kbps, Frame rate up to 15 frames/sec, Fully Onvif Compliant, SD for local recordings, Onvif v1.02/ v2.1 compliant

    Regular Price: $400.00

    Special Price $280.00

  20. Veilux SVEX-M18 for Corrosive Atmospheres

    Explosion Proof mounting bracket for your CCTV security camera. Stainless Steel, Indoor & Outdoor Use, Designed for the SVEX-Q15 explosionproof camera

    Regular Price: $421.25

    Special Price $294.88

  21. Veilux SVEX-M25

    Veilux SVEX-M25 MOUNTING BRACKET, Special designed for pan/tilts wall mounting with load 100kg,Stainless Steel, Indoor & Outdoor Use

    Regular Price: $472.50

    Special Price $330.75

  22. Veilux VVIP-5V

    Dual-codec (H.264 & MJPEG), Progressive scan megapixel (5.0M CMOS), Multi profile streaming (Up to 3 streams of different resolutions, frame rates and codec selections), Digital PTZ, video crop, Analog video output, Built-in standard PoE, Two-way audio communication, 3G mobile A/V surveillance (through 3G server), Built-in D/N (TDN), IR LED 3-axis lens mount, Robust design & convenient installation, Vandal proof, weather proof (IP66), Distance: 10-15M, 21pcs IR LEDs ICR

    Regular Price: $500.00

    Special Price $350.00

  23. Veilux VLCD-17

    Veilux VLCD-17

    • MAX. RESOLUTION: 1280 x 1024
    • NTSC 600 LINES
    • PAL 800 LINES

    Regular Price: $700.00

    Special Price $385.13


    VEILUX VX-NVR-8POE, Recording 8CH Up to 1080P Maximum , 8 PoE Ports, Each 802.3af Class 3 Playback 4CH 1080P/720P 8CH D1 HDD 2 Internal hard disk drive HDD Type Embedded

    Regular Price: $600.00

    Special Price $420.00

  25. VEILUX VX-NVR-32

    VEILUX 32 Channel High Profile H.264 NVR, Full support 4 x HDD Max 16TB with each HDD 4TB, Remote Access

    Regular Price: $600.00

    Special Price $420.00

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Items 1 to 25 of 55 total

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