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Video Baluns

If you have balanced and unbalanced signals running throughout your security system, a video balun can easily fix the problem.  These adapters come in a variety of forms such as BNC connector or VGA/DVI.  These types of transmitters are available in either active or passive models.  Active transmitters require a power source, whereas passive transmitters do not need power.  There are many models with a variety of features to choose from depending on your security system needs.  You can purchase a single connection receiver or connect an 8-channel hub to your system to balance out your video signals throughout your entire system.

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  1. L type video balun

    No Power Request, DC to 8 MHZ, 75 OHMS

    Model No : 2M-202B
  2. HD-CVI/TVI/AHD Passive Video Balun

    It is a single channel passive video balun/transceiver.
    It allows transmission of real time and and high-performance color or monochrome (B/W) CCTV video over UTP cable.
    It supports HD-CVI / TVI / AHD and CVBS signal.

    Being tiny enough can be directly equipped to camera.It can be used as either transmitter or receiver.

    Model No : 2M-202C
  3. 2M Technology 2M-B313C Single Port UTP Balun for AHD/CVI/TVI

    • Video transmission via UTP CAT5e/6 cale
    • Full-motion CCTV video at distances up to 984-1967ft (300-600M)
    • Outstanding interference rejection and transient protection.
    • Male BNC allows connection directly to the camera or DVR.
    • No power required, or have power required

    Model No : 2M-B313C
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