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When it comes to surveillance systems in the modern world, cat5 and cat6 cables are always seen using video baluns. What are Video baluns? They are small adaptors that are positioned on both ends of a cat5e/ cat6 cable using any pair that you can find inside. The cable usually has four pairs of wire. What does that mean? That means that four cameras can be installed using one wire of cat5e/cat6.

There are passive and active video baluns. Passive video baluns do not use power to boost the signal. On the other hand, active video baluns boost the video signal for a longer run, up to 6000 feet. Passive video baluns can run video signal up to 2000 feet.

Benefits of using video baluns

Why would you decide to pick CAT5 over RG59? The following reasons might persuade you:

  • If you already have a cat5/cat6 cable in the workplace or home
  • If the camera run is longer than 1500 feet, you should consider this
  • The cost of CAT5 is less expensive than coaxial cables

Are there different kinds of video baluns?

There are two kinds of video baluns: passive and active. Passive video baluns do not require extra power to extend their signal. However, active video baluns require external power and active video baluns boost the signal up to 6000 feet. The benefits of the different kinds of video baluns are mentioned below:

UTP Balun Passive HD Video Balun with Pigtail (Pair) VHP-100P
Passive Video Balun

Passive video baluns:

Passive video baluns have a terminal block that is situated on the back and it also has a BNC connector that is in the front. Why does it have ports like that? The BNC port connects to the DVR on one side and a security camera on the other side.

Active video baluns

The only difference between a passive video balun and an active video balun is that they have additional power input. Why so? The extra power can boost the video signal. There is a variety of active balun hubs that can be used to receive from four different active baluns and they have switches that can match the correct camera with the correct channel.

Active Balun Transmitter

Passive and active baluns are sold in pairs.

How to decide which video balun to use?

In most scenarios, installers of surveillance systems use passive video baluns for distances and active video baluns for longer distances.

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