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VITEK began its remarkable journey in 1999, and has been supplying the technology world with high quality surveillance products ever since.
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  1. Vitek VT-F-TWIST

    Vitek VT-F-TWIST "F" Twist-On Connector, Terminates Coaxial Cables
  2. Vitek VT-F-BARREL

    Vitek VT-F-BARREL "F" Coupler, Couples 2 F type connectors
  3. Vitek VT-BNC-RCA

    Vitek VT-BNC-RCA BNC To RCA Adapter, BNC female connector, RCA male connector
  4. Vitek VT-BNC-TWIST-RG6

    Vitek VT-BNC-TWIST-RG6 BNC Twist-On Connector For RG-6, a firm loss-less connection

    Vitek VT-TERMINATOR BNC Terminator 75 Ohm, Terminates a coaxial cable with a BNC connector

    Vitek VT-BNC-CRIMP-FEM BNC Female Crimp-On Connector 75 Ohm, Quick connection with a BNC port
  7. Vitek VT-BNC-MRG6

    Vitek VT-BNC-MRG6 BNC Crimp-On Connector For RG-6 75 Ohm, Low output impedance of 75 ohms
  8. Vitek VT-BNC-TWIST-FM

    Vitek VT-BNC-TWIST-FM BNC Female Twist-On Connector 75 Ohm, a firm loss-less connection
  9. Vitek VT-BNC-F

    Vitek VT-BNC-F BNC To F Adapter, NC Male to F Type Male
  10. Vitek VT-BNC-CRIMP-ON

    Vitek VT-BNC-CRIMP-ON BNC Crimp-On Connector 75 Ohm, Firm Grip on Cable
  11. Vitek VT-BNC-TWIST-ON

    Vitek VT-BNC-TWIST-ON BNC Twist-On Connector 75 Ohm, a firm loss-less connection
  12. Vitek VT-RCA-BNC

    Vitek VT-RCA-BNC RCA To BNC Adapter, Converts from RCA Cable Plug
  13. Vitek VT-BNC-BARREL

    Vitek VT-BNC-BARREL BNC Coupler 75 Ohm, Couples 2 coaxial cables
  14. Vitek VT-BNC-FRG6

    Vitek VT-BNC-FRG6 BNC Female Crimp-On Connector For RG-6 75 Ohm, a compact and lightweight design
  15. Vitek VT-F-CRIMP-RG6

    Vitek VT-F-CRIMP-RG6 Crimp-On "F" Connector For RG-6, Used with RG-6 Coaxial Cable
  16. Vitek VT-BNC-CRIMP-PL

    Vitek VT-BNC-CRIMP-PL 2 Piece BNC Crimp-On Connector for RG59U Plenum 75 Ohm, Low output impedance of 75 ohms
  17. Vitek VT-BNC-T-1M

    Vitek VT-BNC-T-1M BNC "T" Connector w/1 Male, 1 Male / 2 Female Connections
  18. Vitek VT-BNC-T-3F

    Vitek VT-BNC-T-3F BNC "T" Connector w/3 Female, 3 Female Connections

    Vitek VT-BNC-RA-ADAPTOR BNC Right Angle Adapter, For RG-59U Coaxial Cables
  20. Vitek VT-MD-2VOC

    Cable for Secondary Video Output, Male / Female Video Output Cable
  21. VT-6MT-2


    • Lightweight Design
    • Easy Installation
    • Support for Wall or Ceiling
    • Supports 11 lbs
    • Adjustable Swivel Head
    • Economically Friendly

    Regular Price: $6.45

    Special Price $3.99



    • Economical Indoor Mount
    • Adjustable for Ceiling Application
    • Adjustable for Wall Applications
    • Ball Socket Head for Any Angle
    • T-Bar Adaptor for 2x2 Drop Ceiling Applicatins
    • Extends from 2.5" to 5" Length

    Regular Price: $7.70

    Special Price $4.29

  23. VITEK VT-24VAC-20

    24VAC Transformer 20VA, Plug In, 20VA

    Enclosure Wall Mount, Heavy Duty Aluminum, Tamper Resistant Screw, Adjustable P/T Head
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