VLB DQ-21-21-8

Videocassette Recorder Lockbox, Size 21″ x 21″ x 8″, Includes Cooling Fan, Washable Filter, 16 Gauge Steel

Regular Price $ 151.55 incl.VAT


The VLB DQ-21-21-8 is a locking box used to secure your DVR recorder. It is important to secure your DVR because all the video surveillance footage is stored in the video recorder itself. This lockbox’s measurements, 21 inch x 21 inch x 8 inch, makes this box perfect for most 8 or 16 channel DVRs.


Made of 16 gauge steel, the DQ-21-21-8 is sturdy enough to prevent attempts at stealing the DVR by breaking the lockbox. A locking front door cam lock safely secures the DVR to keep people from tampering with the DVR and changing any of your settings. Two keys are included with the lockbox with one key intended for the user and the other as a backup key.


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