Voltage & Amperage Guide for your CCTV Cameras 16

If the proper power is not supplied to your CCTV equipment, it can cause it to lose signal or in some cases cause your camera(s) to fry!  Two essential things to consider include Voltage and Amperage (you also want to keep in mind loss of power like Voltage Drop. Below is a table for expected voltage drop based on cable used and distance

  24 AWG 22 AWG 20 AWG 18 AWG 16 AWG 14 AWG 12 AWG  
DC 100mA 216 feet 342 feet 594 feet 867 feet 1,379 feet 2,197 feet 3,508 feet
DC 200mA 108 feet 171 feet 297 feet 433 feet 689 feet 1,098 feet 1,755 feet
DC 300mA 72 feet 113 feet 198 feet 289 feet 459 feet 732 feet 1,169 feet
DC 400mA 54 feet 85 feet 148 feet 216 feet 344 feet 549 feet 877 feet
DC 500mA 43 feet 68 feet 119 feet 173 feet 275 feet 439 feet 701 feet
DC 750mA 28 feet 45 feet 79 feet 115 feet 183 feet 293 feet 467 feet
DC 1000mA 21 feet 34 feet 59 feet 86 feet 137 feet 219 feet 350 feet

That said, we wanted to share with you a quick reference guide and overview regarding the voltage and amperage that powers your CCTV security cameras.  Keep in mind, this is a beginner reference guide and does not take into account everything involved with CCTV camera power supply.  Each scenario is different, so to get a full understanding of the specifications you require, please give us a call and one of our knowledgeable representatives can help you – 1-877-926-2288

Most of the below data concerning voltage and amperage can be considered for 99% of systems.  Cameras will usually use either a 24VAC or 12VDC current. You can select by filtering out the voltage requirement at cctv power supplies section

Voltage & Amperage CCTV Guide Infographic - www.2mcctv.com
Basic voltage & amperage reference guide for proper power supply to your CCTV equipment

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  1. Amperage must be controlled in order to protect the electrical lines from overheating or short-circuiting. This is why electricians use fuses and breakers.

  2. I have a CMR823HS-CCTV camera and I’m trying to get the wright power to it,
    Power supply DC 12v, 500ma and some sights say 700ma The wall outlit is next
    to the camera, but the house (run) is 200ft away. When I plug it in, it all most wants to come on. I seen a sight that had the same camera and thay sugested to get a 2000ma power supply. The way that chart looks like. I can go up to 7000ma.. Can you help me I don’t want to fry my cammera it was 119, What do you suggest? And you carry them? Thankyou: John

  3. What if I have 2x 700ma cameras and 1x 4a camera. (These are stated in their manuals.
    One is a Samsung Sco-2120r the other two are adst30s70 (no brand) can I use a 12v with over 5.4a? Which is their combined rating? Also what’s the bet way of joining these to the psu?

  4. Confused, I need to extended a ip camera the specs are 5v 1.5a I need a power source that will extend it to 5m anyone got any ideas

    Philip Main
  5. Good day sir

    I want to install 4 cameras on one power cable.

    What kind of cable do I need, and what size psu?

    The camera voltage is 12 volt 700ma each
    The length of the cable 20 metre.

    for the video i use Cat 5 cable
    Thanx Johan

  6. Hi,
    anyone familare with the samsung DVR’s I have some of the soc cameras such as the A101 but, I cannot find the amperage anywhere on the net, on samsung site, or in the manual in the spec sheet. Does anyone know the amperage on the 12 cameras in the plug and play systems from samsung such as the SME-2220n systems?

    I have not used a multi meter in so many years that I have lingering questions to my meter readings (understanding them)

  7. I am Using Cat6 cable for cctv Analog> Now more than 70 meters the power has not been supported. I am using 12 V 20 AMps Power supply unit. But it cant support more than 70 meters. Please let me know how to overcome this issue for more than 70 meters. (i.e upto 160 to 180 meters)
    Sundaram G

  8. P=ie or Power = current times voltage For example, a 60 watt light bulb uses 60 watts.
    If it is powered from 120 volt power supply then you can solve for amps used.
    So, 60 watts = current times voltage
    So, 60 watts = current times 120 volts
    So, 60 watts divided by 120 volts = 1/2 amp
    That means 1/2 amp multiplied by 120 volts will calculate to be 60 watts of power.
    Yes, if you try and pull too many amps through a small wire it will heat up and can cause a fire.
    Know your watts that the camera or equipment will use and make sure the wire and power supply is rated to handle the watts (aka load).

  9. P is power in watts
    i is current in amps
    e is voltage in volts
    * is the times or multiply symbol
    P=i*e or P=ie

  10. which cable used for above 75 meter camera distance from dvr for power and video

  11. HI

  12. I have 12volt and 1.5 A adaptor so how much camera can i attach

    mohammad athaniya
  13. I have a question I have 8 cameras they use 12v and 1A amps, could I use a power supply 9 CH Port Power Supply Distribution Box DC 12V 5A for Security CCTV Camera?

    Mauricio Ramirez
  14. This is quite insightful, please am new to cctv installation, I like to know more about power, amperage, cable length etc.

  15. Can cctv run in 12 volt 150ah battery..

  16. Is 12v and 30A power supply too small or enough to power 21 camera. Can it bring about explode of the power supply if it is too much

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