Veilux VSIP-5


5 Mega Pixel CMOS, 2592×1920 pixels, Hi-Profile H-264 Streaming, Audio compression: G723.1/6.3kbps, Frame rate up to 15 frames/sec, Fully Onvif Compliant, SD for local recordings, Onvif v1.02/ v2.1 compliant

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Veilux's highest resolution box camera is now available through 2MCCTV. The Veilux VSIP-5 is a 5 MegaPixel IP CMOS Box Camera that will capture the the current generation's highest megapixel rating. Motion Detection capablilities allow for the camera to be programmed to shut off when not motion is present- saving power (or this feature could be disabled). An IP66 rating for weatherproof cameras means this camera can stand up the even the toughest terrestrial conditions. There is even a microphone, in case the ability to capture audio with the video is desired. As with all of Veilux IP products, it is ONVIF compliant and includes a 3-year factory warranty. 


One useful feature of the VSIP-5 is the built in SD card slot that allows footage to be recorded directly to the camera. Power over Ethernet (PoE) means that there is no need to run a separate power cable as well as a data cable, as they run through the same cable. Versatile resolutions selection lets the user select the appropriate resolution. 2592×1920 (5Meg Pixel Mode) at 10FPS is the highest but will consume a good deal of bandwidth. The 2048×1536 (3 Meg Pixel Mode) at 20 FPS mode is a little more conservative on bandwidth usage, but not as high quality of an image. The 920×1080 (Full HD 2M Pixel Mode) 30 FPS is the mode that will allow the least amount bandwidth usage, and still offers comparable image quality to cameras of similar quality.


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