CHRONO Series 16 Channel Digital Video Recorder, Highly Efficient H.264 Compression, Real-time Recording and Playback, Multi-Resolution Recording, Support iPhone, 16 Alarm & Audio Inputs

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A mandatory component of any surveillance system is a digital video recorder, but not just any digital video recorder.  The Vitek VT-CN1680 Chrono Series 16 channel DVR is a great place to start for any small to medium sized surveillance setup.  Not only does it compress video in H.264, but it also can record and playback in real-time.  With a standard 500GB hard drive (and the ability to upgrade), users can store many hours of surveillance footage. 


Additional Features


With this DVR, users have the ability to set up email notifications.  The system setup wizard makes setting up your DVR easy.  This user friendly DVR has point-of-sale support built in, as well as a web client and powerful Central Management System.  You can even connect remotely on an iPhone.  The DVR has 16 BNC video inputs and 2-way audio transmission.  2MCCTV.com will include a 3 year warranty with purchase. 




  • Highly efficient H.264 compression
  • 16 Channel BNC Video Inputs
  • Built-in Data Redundancy
  • Real-time recording and real-time playback
  • System Setup Wizard and User Friendly GUI
  • Multi-Resolution Recording – CIF, Half D1, D1
  • 480 PPS Recording Speed
  • 16 Channel BNC Loop-Through Outputs
  • 4 Selectable Spot Outputs with Sequence and event Pop-up
  • 16 Alarm Inputs and Outputs
  • 16 Audio Inputs / 1 Audio Output
  • 2-Way Audio Transmission
  • Highly efficient and stable proprietary Database Structure
  • Identical GUI for DVR and client viewer
  • Built-in Point-of-Sales support
  • Web Client & CMS (Central Management Software) Included
  • iPhone Client


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