Vitek VT-SRP908/15T


Vitek VT-SRP908/15T 8 Channel H.264 DVR w/15Terabyte HDD and Real Time 960H Recording, 8 Video Inputs with 1 HDMI, 1 Spot Monitor Output, and 1 VGA output

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The Vitek VT-SRP908/15T 8 Channel Spire Premium Digital Video Recorder supports up to 8 video cameras and records, monitors and manages them at the same time. The videos are recorded in 960H high resolution at 240 frames per second. It is stored inside the 15TB internal storage memory and for more storage capacity, the DVR supports up to five 4TB SATA internal hard drives. Thanks to the H.264 compression technology, the videos are compressed to save storage space.

The Vitek VT-SRP908/15T features two Gigabit Ethernet ports (1 LAN and 1 WAN) for transferring data and communication purpose. The DVR automatically sends email notification regarding health status or on any specific event to the user. Remote monitoring is also possible through the internet by using web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera or via LAN. By using an application, the user can monitor videos through his / her iPhone, iPad, iTouch and Android devices.

The DVR supports both static and dynamic IP addresses. It also includes Mac OSX Client & CMS central management software. Quick Search feature present in this DVR makes way for easier reviewing. 8 audio input and 4 alarm input are the other I/O ports provided.




  • Supports High Resolution 960H Cameras
  • 8 Video Inputs with 1 HDMI, 1 Spot Monitor Output, and 1 VGA output 
  • H.264 Compression
  • Up to 240fps Live Display & 240fps Recording
  • Supports both Dynamic and Static IP Addresses
  • 8 Audio Inputs / 1 Audio Outputs
  • 10 Alarm Inputs / 4 Outputs with 1 Relay
  • Supports Five internal Hard Drives for up to 20TB of internal Storage (4x 4TB HDD)
  • Supports 4TB Hard Drives
  • Remote Viewing over the Internet via Web Browser or LAN
  • Applications for iPhone, iPad, iTouch and Android Devices
  • “Quick Search” Function for automatic review 
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet Ports (1 LAN + 1 WAN)
  • Mac OSX Client & CMS Central Management Software Included
  • Automatic sending of Health & Event notifications via email 
  • Control locally via Front Panel Controls, USB Mouse or with the Included IR Remote control
  • PTZ Control over RS-485


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