High Resolution Color, Digital Camera, 3.8-87mm Auto Focus Lens, Built-in Optical, Power Zoom Lens, (23x optical zoom / 8x digital zoom), High Resolution and Sensitivity SONY Super HAD CCD


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The WeldexWDAC-2308X zoom camera is a digital high resolution 23x power zoom camera. It features a highly sensitive sensor that allows it to capture high definition images for detailed monitoring. This optical power zoom 3.8-87mm auto focus lens camera captures extra clear images under low light conditions. It is integrated with vanguard technologies and enhanced feature to provide compact surveillance solution to the end user. It has rough and tough housing that prevent it from vandalism and harsh temperatures to deliver unparalleled performance in the most demanding situations. This CCTV camera is designed to meet all the market standards and prerequisite required for the professional security.
The built-in SONY Super HAD CCD sensor installed in this WDAC-2308X camera dual scans the image to capture brightest and darkest shot of the targeted object. It automatically balances the black and white gradient, and color contrast of the image to deliver richer and detailed shot of the object. The camera features RS-232C port that offers comprehensive manual and remote control to the end user. 


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