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Besides dome and bullet cameras, one of the most common types of security cameras that comes up is a PTZ camera. Although they may look like ordinary security cameras, these cameras are special. But what makes PTZ cameras so unique? What sets these cameras apart from other cameras is their pan-tilt-zoom functions.

PTZ Capabilities

PTZ refers to the camera’s ability to pan, tilt, and zoom. PTZ cameras are made up of mechanical parts that allows the cameras to move their direction of view. In a sense, a PTZ camera could be thought of as a robot and it can move on its own or be controlled remotely by someone. Panning means that the camera lens can move horizontally, or side-to-side. Tilting is the camera’s ability to move vertically, or up-and-down. Zooming allows the subject of the camera lens to appear closer or further.

The biggest advantage of PTZ cameras over other security cameras is that the direction and movement of the camera lens can be controlled and changed. Most other cameras are fixed, meaning that you would have to manually position the camera differently or adjust the zoom.

Modes of Movement

Some PTZ cameras are able to be controlled remotely. What this means is that their direction can be controlled by someone else through an app or software. This function is like having an extra eye at your location without you having to be there. Controlling movement allows you to see any area you want at anytime.

If you’re not always available to control the movements remotely, some PTZ cameras allow you to create guard tours. What this means is that you can set up a predetermined pattern of movements and positions for the camera to take on a schedule. Doing this allows the camera to move on its own and monitor all areas.

Another function that you can set up is auto-tracking. This means that the camera will automatically move to track the movement of an object. With fixed cameras, once something moves out of view, you are not able to see it anymore unless it moves back into view. Auto-tracking on PTZ cameras expands your range of view so you can capture any suspicious activity.

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