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Fuzzy security camera pictures do not help at all when an incident just happened and trying to recover the video recordings.  With new high definition HD technology such problem does not exist anymore. Most recordings of resolution 1.3 Megapixel or higher, and proper camera lens, a good quality image resolution, capable of providing face recognition evidence and much greater details.

However, there is a still the night problem. At night or in darkness with lack of enought light (LUX) the is a lot of image distortion or noise. That noise contributes to poor image quality in dark areas, defeating the purpose of HD resolution at night.

To improve video image quality at night, 2M Technology designed the Starlight cmos chipset HD  technology. This technology offers

Starlight Security Camera Footage
  • Improved light sensitivity offering much clearer pictures at night with as low a lux as one starlight in the sky. 
  • Supporting a wide range of resolutions from 1.3 megapixel upto 5 megapixel in IP.
  • Offering wide dynamic ranges of up to 120dB, much better white light compensation issues.

Starlight HD cameras are approximately 20-30% higher in price than normal cameras.  The image video quality at night using starlight technology combined with high light backlight compensation HLBC, is well worth the investment. Starlight cameras with HLBC have been tested successfully to pick up license plates at night. Plus, offer better face recognition at night.

Starlight security camera not only function much better at night with minimal lux, but also offer a colored image at night. Typically night vision security cameras switch to black and white at night to minimize image noise and distortions, but with starlight security cameras the image stays colors offering a much clearer face recognition quality at night in comparison with older technology.

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