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Let’s say that you are installing your own home or business CCTV system for the very first time. You have taken the time to choose the exact security cameras you want to use and the video recorder to complement the cameras. Does your CCTV system have everything now? Not quite. There are still a few CCTV accessories that you will need to purchase before your system is complete, but this guide will break down everything you need.


The cables that you connect to your CCTV cameras are just as important as the cameras. In general, BNC cables are used with analog cameras and Ethernet cables are used with IP cameras. Ethernet cables are grouped into different categories (you might have seen cat5 or cat6 commonly being used before). The higher the category number, the higher the speed and frequency of the cable (measured in Mhz). Newer cables will typically be able to handle higher bandwidths, but one thing to keep in mind is that longer cables will cause slower transmission speeds. Additionally, you should also choose the cables based on where the cameras will be used. For example, many outdoor cables will be covered in a waxy coating so that it can be pulled through electrical conduits for extra durability.

Power Supply

All wired security camera systems will require a power supply to power the cameras. IP cameras will use a PoE switch or PoE injector. PoE means “power over Ethernet” and this means using a single Ethernet cable to power and connect your system to the internet. A PoE switch allows you to connect all your cameras together without having to run multiple cables while a PoE injector is for only one camera. Analog cameras will use a regular power adaptor.

Hard Disk Drive

When you buy a video recorder, is it very important that you purchase a hard disk drive to install inside of it. Without the hard disk drive, there will be nothing on the video recorder to store the security footage. When choosing a hard disk drive, think about how much space you think you will need. For a typical home owner, it’s recommended to keep recordings for at least 1-2 weeks. Remember that the more storage you need, the more costly it will be. Also take into consideration other factors that may eat up your storage capacity, such as higher resolutions, higher frame rates, continuous recording, etc.

USB FAT32 Format

A USB is another useful CCTV accessory to have. Hard disk drives are used to store security footage, but they can only hold a limited amount. Once the hard drive reaches maximum capacity, the video recorder will either stop storing footage (basically stop recording) or will overwrite past recordings. If you want to keep all past footage, you could opt to transfer old footage onto a USB and then delete it off of the video recorder to make room for new recordings. By doing this, you’ll be able to save old recordings without having to sacrifice hard drive space.

Monitor & Mouse

A couple of other CCTV accessories that you should have include a monitor and a mouse. A monitor is necessary to view all of the recordings from your security camera while a mouse is needed to control the settings on your video recorder. When choosing a monitor, you should opt to use one that will give you the best image quality. Look for monitors that will make your footage appear vibrant and clear so that you’ll be able to capture any details.

Internet Source

Having an internet source is not really a CCTV accessory, but it’s still a necessary item if you are wanting to access your system remotely. By connecting your system to the internet, you’ll be able to view and manage your cameras from anywhere that has internet connection. So if you are wanting to use remote access, make sure that you have everything needed for a stable internet connection.

Protective Coverings

If you will be using the cameras outdoors, then you should make sure use the right CCTV accessories to shield your cameras from any harsh weather. You could buy waterproof housings for your cameras to ensure that no water gets inside and causes any damage. Also be sure to cover any outlets or ports where the cameras are plugged in. Additionally, use durable cable coverings to prevent any birds or rodents from chewing through wires.

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