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Project managers are continually looking for advice on the best construction site security cameras. In this blog, we discuss the common challenges, requirements, and solutions for using a video security camera system in an active job site.

Common Uses

The most common uses of construction site security cameras are to building and construction equipment secure, project management, remote site monitoring, preventing theft and vandalism, and live video streaming for marketing and promotion.

Selecting the Best Camera

There are multiple things to look into when buying a construction site security camera. The weatherproof and rugged camera housing is a must. Use IP ratings, established by the International Electro-Technical Commission, as the standard for your cameras. It determines how weatherproof cameras housing is. It is noted with a two-digit code. The most weatherproof cameras have an IP68 weatherproof rating. For construction sites, at least IP66 is recommended. Domes are known as good vandal-proof cameras because the base is metal, and the plastic dome is hard polycarbonate plastic. They are resistant to flying construction debris and tampering.

Infrared night vision is important. Many construction sites don’t have good nighttime lighting, which makes these cameras a good choice for your construction security cameras. They allow the camera to be operational in normal, low light, and zero light. The best-infrared cameras have built-in “Smart IR.” Smart IR adjusts the illumination intensity so that the cameras infrared LEDs provide light based on the proximity of the objects. They also have evenly balanced illumination through the entire image that they capture.

Infrared Camera View

PTZ cameras

If you need to remote control your camera to adjust the lens zoom and direction, a PTZ camera (pan-tilt-zoom) might be a good fit for your construction security site. These cameras can be remotely controlled from an iPhone and android on the app when the camera is connected to a recorder with an internet connection. The camera can also be controlled from a local location by using the DVR or remotely using the Windows or Mac software that comes included. A PTZ camera can zoom in close up on specific places of construction. You can use this to check in on the progress of a project remotely.

The Best DVR

You will need a DVR that is easy to use for your construction security cameras. When you get your DVR, you do not want to be messing around with new devices trying to figure out how they work. You also need remote viewing software and mobile apps that are easy to access. Be sure to select a system that comes with desktop software and mobile apps on platforms you already use.

If you need a live security camera footage or want to be able to playback footage remotely, keep that in mind. You also might want a surveillance system that has trigger alarms for burglars. Be sure to confirm that your DVR was digital inputs that can work with the different types of sensors that you may want to use. For example, an outdoor PIR motion detector can be used to trigger a push notification on your cell phone to let you know someone is on-site in a certain area.

Wired or Wireless

Running cables on construction sites for construction security cameras can be difficult. Wireless camera systems are typically a last resort for when video cables cannot be run. Hard wired systems are more reliable and easier to set up. Wireless security cameras still require a power source that is, most of the time, hard-wired.

Time Lapse

Long term construction projects can be a fun place to set up a time-lapse to. Some outdoor cameras have a snapshot functionality that can setup time-lapse. Many of them are rugged and weatherproof, which makes them good choices.

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