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What to Ask Your Security Camera System Installer? Leave a comment

It is important to know what to expect when you have your security camera systems installed. Having a knowledgable and experienced installer is important. At 2M Solutions, we can offer you professional advice and installation. To help you choose your new system, here are four questions you can ask your installer.

What kind of hard drives do you use?

You can invest in the best cameras, but if your hard drive is not up to speed, you can face lifespan and performance problems. You should learn what type of hard drive your installer plans to use and make sure they are giving you the best one for your needs. For surveillance camera recording, you want to use surveillance grade or better hard drives. Check that your installer is using the best hard drive for optimal reliability and performance. If you do not have enough storage, one built for the security industry, you could lose valuable footage. Specific surveillance hard drives are durable, reliable, and more advanced than regular hard drives. It is also important that your hard drive is compatible with your surveillance system.

Will my system be weatherproof?

If your security cameras are going to be outside, they will be facing the elements. It is essential that you are sure your cameras are prepared for this and will not have any weather-related incidents. For this, you should check the IP rating. If your camera is indoors, then you will not need a high IP rating, outdoor cameras are exposed to wind, moisture, dust, and other debris. Your installers must make sure they are IP66 or better. You should check for bad electrical tape, non-weatherproofed boxed, or improperly sealed weatherproof boxes. These will result in the failure of your cameras.

What type of cable are you using?

When installing your security camera system, you should get the highest quality cables. If you use the wrong cables, you could experience system failure quickly. CCA (copper-coated aluminum) cables are a way for specific installers to save money. However, they frequently fail network certification tests. It would help if you asked your installer to use copper cable, which is superior to copper-coated substitutes. You also want to make sure your cabling will be suitable for future generations of security camera systems to enable future upgrades. For most of today’s surveillance applications, Cat5E is standard, If you want to future proof your project, however, Cat6 is preferred. It is suitable for current generations of cameras but will continue to offer rapid data transfer rates for the next generations of cameras.

Are there any monthly fees?

Sometimes you hear a sales pitch that sounds too good to be true, and then you read the fine print to find hidden fees. Before you sign for your security camera system, check for hidden fees. Some installers ask you to sign a contract that includes a hidden monthly fee, so check for that before you sign. Sometimes when your monthly fee ends, you have to opt-out of live viewing options, recordings, or both. Read the fine print carefully when you sign your contract and double-check with your installer that you understand all the terms of the contract.

Wrap Up

If you are looking to upgrade or install a surveillance security system, log on or give us a call at (877)-926-2288 today! We have a great team of highly experienced salesmen, installers, and technicians that would love to help you out. Also, we can walk you through the process start to finish and help you select the best cameras for you and survey your property to decide on the most optimal locations.

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