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In the current day and age, many businesses and homeowners have resorted to buying and upgrading their surveillance systems to ensure their security. As a result, learning how to efficiently place them and where to place them has become of extreme importance. This guide should help you in your attempts to find a location for you to place your cameras if you feel like you are lost at sea and not quite sure what you want to do.

Finding a balance between visible and hidden cameras

When a homeowner or a business owner gets a surveillance system for the first time, they may think that the most important thing to do is place the cameras in such a way that nobody notices them. That may actually do more harm than good. Surveillance systems can have a positive effect on the subconscious. If a thief or burglar sees a security camera in a difficult place it might deter them from following through with their plan of looting or stealing from your business. On the other extreme, if all your cameras are visible, that is not a good thing as well as they might find a way to tamper with the cameras and find a way to get around the surveillance system. Having cameras that are hidden allow you the opportunity to catch thieves and burglars in the event that they do disable the visible cameras and get into your home or business.

How you should place your cameras

When you are placing your cameras, an important thing to keep in mind is that you want to place them in such a manner so that you can cover the entire parameter of your home or office. How do you do that you may ask? You have to position the cameras at different angles and different locations so that you have 360-degree surveillance and have eyes on all the entrances and all potential hiding places. How will that help? If a potential thief is stalking your house or lurking outside your home, having cameras in multiple location will help you determine what they are doing and may even help you give proof to the officials if some kind of law was broken.

Where you should place your cameras

One thing that might have already been obvious is that the security cameras should never be placed in places where everyone can access them. Because if you do, then burglars and thieves can access them and destroy them very easily. They might cut the wires or spray paint the lenses to disable or disrupt your video feed. As a result, you should always try to put your cameras in places that are hard to reach so that you do not have to fear your cameras being disabled by potential thieves.

Capitalizing on motion sensor technology

Where does motion sensor technology fit into all of this? Motion detector technology is great in scenarios where there might not be an ample amount of light for you to clearly see but you still want to what exactly is going on. If used with night-vision lenses, they can ensure that you know exactly what is happening in low light scenarios. Where should you place your security cameras with motion sensors? They are usually placed on back entrances in such a way that they are not visible because usually, those are the areas that are less protected.

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