Why it is important to change default Login Credential and Upgrade Firmware?

Every new system, whether it’s a security system, internet of things (IoT) or any software that requires a login, one must change the default login. These new technologies that are coming out every day improve our lives but it is our responsibility to be vigilant and smart.

One good piece of advice to follow when you are setting up a new security system is to first change the default password. This is even more important when the new security system requires internet connection or remote access capabilities. For this, one must immediately change the password to strong one. A good measure of setting up strong password is to use 8 or more characters that include: capital letters, numbers and special characters all mixed together. It is also highly recommended to change the password every few months to a year and not repeat any combination of previous passwords. Lastly, it’s important you do not repeat the password between platforms: email, bank login and security. The more vigilant you are the safer you will be.

Internet of Things (IoT) are new devices that work together to lessen the strain of run-of-the-mill tasks around the house. One famous IoT is Nest or Samsung hub systems: security camera, thermostat, and smoke detector. Other IoT devices are smart plugs and lights that work alongside Amazon Alexa. Unlike Nest or Samsung, these devices do not require a main hub to link them together. These IoT devices, just the like security camera system, have their own smart apps and one must follow the security procedures above to keep themselves safe. It’s a no-brainer that you keep your IoT devices together and buy them from a reputable company, one that uses secure and encrypted communication between devices.

One can envision firmware as gears making our devices run like clockwork. Firmware is a piece of software that is embedded in our devices. These devices can be your security camera system and, just like any piece of software, requires periodic updates. It is important to keep the firmware updates current with your security camera system. Some updates might be benign and provide a few cosmetic changes. Others might be more crucial like a security patch. Other times, and specially for NVRs and IP cameras, firmware updates create a smooth connection between devices.

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