Why Should You Install Security Cameras at Your Business? 1

Business Altercations

It can be important to cover all bases by having work altercations caught on camera for safety reasons and legal protection. If you are going based on a he-said-she-said perspective, things can get messy. For instance, when collecting details from employees, items can be omitted, and some people may twist the truth. Security camera systems can help your business by presenting the whole story and getting the facts out there. Some security camera systems also come with audio capabilities, which can be helpful in these situations.

Loss Prevention

Most retail stores lose inventory and money to shoplifting and thieving employees regularly. www.thebalancesmb.com states that the top two sources of retail shrinkage come from shoplifting and employees stealing. In addition, the best way to prevent this is to install security camera systems in areas with the most inventory. Also, above the cash registers to keep an eye on the cash drawers. By prioritizing where you put your cameras you can catch most of the crime taking place. Cameras can deter crime when they are prominently displayed.

Accident or Fraud?

Many accidents happen in parking lots, but you can protect your business by installing security cameras. Sometimes people slip and fall in your parking lot or two cars crash. If this happens liability often falls on whoever’s case is more believable. You can get a security camera system with license plate reading capabilities and detail recognition. Then you can identify who was on the scene of the crime and document what happened. These cameras can also help prevent frivolous lawsuits if someone fakes a fall or accident in your parking lot.

Employee Safety

In some work spaces, employees take shortcuts to get jobs done quicker, but these shortcuts can be dangerous. They can lead to safety risks. Security cameras can help catch everyday lapses in judgment. You can learn where additional safety precautions are needed and identify employees that need additional safety training. Therefore, installing these cameras can help your company avoid accidents. This will keep your workers’ compensation premiums in check and make your team more productive.


According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, a single occurrence of vandalism values at an average of $3,370. Vandalism means the defacing or damaging of property. Vandalism normally ends in a misdemeanor but maximum punishment is up to a year in a local jail. That is unless they consider it enough damage to be a felony. If you get charged with a felony you can face more than a year in state prison. Vandals are opportunistic and always will target the most vulnerable looking business. When a vandal realizes they are on camera, it will deter them from their actions. If they go through with their efforts, you can turn the footage over to the police. They will most likely be able to track the vandal using the footage.

Wrap Up

2MCCTV offers a wide range of access control products as well as surveillance security cameras. Log on and give us a call at 1-877-926-2288 today. In addition, we would love to help you out with all of your security needs. We have a highly experienced team of salesmen, technicians, and installers. They can help you design the perfect security system for your individual needs.

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  1. I liked how you mentioned that you should get a security camera system that can read license plates for your business. My wife and I are wanting to open a small general business in our town and we were wondering how we could protect ourselves with security cameras. I’ll be sure to tell her that we should get cameras that have license plate reading capabilities.

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