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In the current day and age, investing in a security camera for your home or your business might be an excellent idea. However, because of the lack of available information, a lot of people often get confused regarding how to go about buying security cameras. One might think that because we buy so many of our things on amazon, buying security cameras from amazon might be a good idea. But you should probably consider buying security cameras from suppliers that sell commercial-grade security cameras. Why? The security cameras you will probably see on amazon will probably be cheap and they will most likely not offer the features you will get from a commercial security camera.

Ensuring quality

Whenever you are looking to get a security system, it is important to buy products that can ensure the highest grade of quality. The reason being that the price of entry is really high and as a result, buying something that does not provide the highest quality can be really bad and counterproductive. As a result, it is a good idea to not buy these kinds of products from amazon because there are thousands of security products that are sold on Amazon and it is very difficult to figure out which ones are really quality products. What about the reviews you may ask? Consumer groups both in the United States and abroad have said that even if they have thousands of reviews, quality control can be a big problem. You might argue that there are some well-known retailers that sell products that are independently verified elsewhere but that does not account for the majority of the products that you will find on amazon right alongside these well-known brands.

Flaws in security cameras

Recent articles have revealed that there are hundreds of security cameras, smart doorbells, and baby monitoring cameras that have been sold through Amazon that seem to have weaknesses that allow hackers to hijack the cameras and the security system as a whole. They might be used to spy on the owners, hijack devices, or even get personal data that might be used for malicious purposes. As such, they are a huge privacy risk and should not be ignored. The problem is exacerbated by the fact there have been almost 2 million security products that have been solid on Amazon that have been identified as vulnerable. The issue here is that even when the problems are identified, Amazon does not promise to provide a replacement or fix.

Ensuring safety

A reason for optimism might be the fact that Amazon is being encouraged to monitor feedback and investigate issues as they arrive by both industry experts and customers. If you are truly looking for something on Amazon and there is even the slightest of doubt that the equipment may be vulnerable, go to a trusted vendor instead. You could also do the following to ensure that your surveillance system is secure:

  • Make sure that your security camera default password and the Wi-Fi password are unique and complex
  • Make sure that your security cameras are placed in such a way that they do not pry into private areas.
  • If you feel that your camera may have been compromised, turn it off and then report the incident immediately
  • Avoid buying from brands that you do not recognize
  • Do not go for cheap prices even if they have a lot of positive reviews. Always look for reputable brands.

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