Will My New HD Surveillance DVR Work with My Old CCTV Cameras? 1

Upgrading technology to get along with the changing times can be a very stressful thing to do It is doubly true for upgrading technology that is responsible for ensuring your security. This blog will cover how to make sure if the old security camera equipment you have might be compatible with the new ones you might be buying or may have already bought.

Determining If It Is Analog

The first step that is important is to check if the cameras you have is analog. Why is that important? For that, we need to understand how CCTV cameras work. These are security cameras that use video signals that are analog in order to capture footage for surveillance. How do they work? They are wired to surveillance DVRs by using RG59 and other types of coax cables. What is the issue with using analog cameras you may ask? They perform at a lower quality than IP cameras and as a result, upgrading always provides more benefits.

The first course of action to take is to try and figure out what kind of cables are connected to the camera. Standard analog cameras often use cables that are coaxial. They also have a BNC connector on the end. If the cameras you have are wired using this kind of cable, it is an analog CCTV camera.

What if your camera is too high and you cannot reach it? you could try looking at the back of your DVR or video multiplexer. BNC connectors are used by almost every single analog CCTV DVRs found in the market.

Another way to figure that out would be to see if the cameras you have right now have a product sticker on them. Most of the cameras usually have a product label that is silver-colored and it displays the TVL rating of the camera. It is an analog camera only if it has a TVL rating or says NTSC or PAL.

Hybrid DVRs

After you have identified if you have an analog CCTV camera you might be looking for a replacement. One of the replacements to consider might be an HD hybrid DVR. Why consider buying that? The main advantage that these kinds of cameras provide is that they work with both analog CCTV cameras and the newest 1080p HD security cameras. How does it do that? It takes video output in digital form and accepts signals from analog cameras and ultimately turns them into a usable form. The kinds of cables used by hybrid DVRs is RG59 coaxial cable and CAT5e Ethernet cable.

How many cameras you would want to use in a system like that can vary. Most of the time it depends on the DVR brand. What some might consider being the biggest advantage of using a hybrid DVR is that you do not have to rewire for a new surveillance system. If you already have a CCTV system, hybrid DVRs are an excellent system. In a lot of scenarios where owners use hybrid DVRs, they split 50/50 with four analog and 4 IP on an eight channel DVR.

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