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How It Works

  1. Connect the HDMI connection of the security camera DVR to the HDMI input on the WiFi-HDX8 wireless transmitter.
  2. Connect the IR repeater to the transmitter and position it so that it faces the front of the DVR. The IR signal receives from the remote here.
  3. On the other end of the wireless bridge, the HDMI output of the WiFi-HDX8 wireless receiver connects to one of the HDMI outputs. This is on the television monitor.
  4. The IR receiver connects to a receiver so that the user can use their wireless remote control of the DCR at the display monitor location. The DVR remote commands from the remote that is transmitted over the same wireless bridge as the video display from the DVR. 
  5. With both the receiver and transmitter powered on, press and hold the sync button on the transmitter for three seconds.
  6. The wireless bridge is set up automatically connects and reconnects if there is a power interruption.

Wireless HDMI Receiver and Transmitter

The WiFi-HDX8 wireless HDMI kit is available to stream 1080p video up to 330 feet/100 meters. The video transmission distance varies based on the number of objects and walls that the wireless bridge must travel through. Also, this kit includes a transmitter and receiver antennas that can create a dedicated 5Ghz WiFi bridge (peer to peer).

The Wireless HDMI transmitters/receiver has an auto signal setting that can dynamically adjust to the right channel based on the least congested frequency it detects. The system doesn’t rely on the use of an existing local network. Wireless video HDMI transmitter and receiver kits are a good option for avoiding messy HDMI cables running on your walls or expensive installations to hide cabling within walls. Some wireless HDMI transmitters can support remote control for configuration settings.

HDMI Transmitter

With this kit, you can place your TV anywhere in a business or a home. HDMI cables are used to connect TVs to source devices, such as cable boxes, gaming consoles, DVD players, or other media sources. They let you transmit audio or video data from the source device to display it on your TV. In addition, HDMI is the universally accepted connector for digital entertainment in the business or at home.

The HDMI transmitter connects to a video or audio source device. This is usually a set-top box. Also, the transmitter sends a wireless signal from your device to the receiver. Connect the receiver to your television. Also, it wirelessly receives the video/audio data from the transmitter up to 150 feet away and displays it on the TV. The transmitter and receiver kit supports up to 1080p and 60Hz video resolution. The HDMI over WiFi extenders also support 2.0ch Audio with IR remote control transmission.

Streaming HDMI

In CCTV applications, wifi HDMI streaming is primarily used with video surveillance DVRs, but it can also be used to wirelessly stream video from any HDMI source at 1080p resolution at 60Hz to a monitor.

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