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Wireless Infrared Motion Detector

Special Application Sensors are specialized intrusion alarm sensor for the not so normal applications like vibration and underwater use.
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  1. Honeywell SMB10

    Wireless Pet Immune PIR Motion, Easy opening case, Makes Changing Batteries, Pulse Processing Intermediate Standard, Harsh Selectable Via Jumpers

    Model No : Honeywell SMB10
  2. Honeywell SMB10C

    Motion Sensor, Provides Reliable Detection, Wireless Passive Infrared, Pet Immunity Up To 80 Lbs, Optimum Performance

    Model No : Honeywell SMB10C
  3. Honeywell 5800PIR-RES

    Faster and Easier to Install, Fewer Service Calls, Smaller/Better with a Family Look, Less Costly Maintenance, Decreased Liability

    Model No : 5800PIR-RES
  4. 2Gig SMKT3-345

    Smoke Heat and Freeze Detection, Ability to Separate, 3 Detection Features, Self-Contained Sounder, Supervised Transmitter

    Model No : SMKT3-345
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4 Item(s)

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