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Wireless Touch Screen Controllers

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  1. Honeywell L5100LA

    Thermostats, Door Locks, Lighting, Scenes Schedules And Rules, Remote Control Via Honeywell Total Connect

    Model No : Honeywell L5100LA
  2. Honeywell L5000DM

    Up to Three Garage, Doors Per System, Unique Garage Door Icon, View and Monitor Garage, Door Status, Auto-secure Feature

    Model No : Honeywell L5000DM
  3. Honeywell LT-CABLE

    Up to Three Garage, Doors Per System, Door Icon, View and Monitor, Garage Door Status

    Model No : Honeywell LT-CABLE
  4. 2Gig CP21-345E2

    Color Touch Screen Display, Fully Self Contained, Snap-in GSM Radio, Remotely Control Panel Settings, Two-way Voice Over Cellular

    Model No : CP21-345E2
  5. 2Gig TS1-E

    Arm/Disarm System, Control Z-Wave Devices, Available In English, See and Hear System, Status and Chimes

    Model No : TS1-E
  6. Honeywell 5200

    Resolution 470 x 256 Pixels, 16.7 Million Colors, Intuitive Easy-To-Use, Touchscreen Interface, Easy to Understand Icons, Menu Driven Navigation

    Model No : 5200
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6 Item(s)

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