Wonderful Coca-Cola Ad – Security Cameras Capturing Nice Stuff! 1

Typically, anything you see on TV, YouTube, or in the news regarding footage captured from security cameras will be of some sort of criminal activity, or other type of malicious behavior.  That’s why this Coca-Cola ad is so refreshing to see, depicting what’s fantastic about humanity…. quite the opposite of watching a video of some druggy lifting a purse off an old lady in a wheelchair…

The background music is “Give A Little Bit”, giving the ad a very happy and care-free feeling.  Guido Rosales, the advertising director for Coca-Cola Latin America says “We want to remind people that acts of kindness and bravery are taking place around them all the time.”


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  1. Coca cola rulz!

    Μανώλης Κυπριανίδης

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